Hashtags for the FIRST Robotics Competition

By using the same hashtags as other people use when you share pictures and posts about the FIRST Robotics Competition, you make it easier for other people to learn more about FIRST!

  • Teams - People use #frc + a team number, like #frc177 or #frc4
  • Events - People use #frc + the event’s "short code", which is an abbreviation of its name, like #frccmp for the Championship Einstein Field (This standard is set by FIRST's @FRCFMS score bot)
  • FIRST - Lots of people use #omgrobots

What are hashtags?

A hashtag is a way of saying that what you are posting online is related to a particular topic. People can click the hashtag to see other posts that use it also, to find more pictures or posts about the same thing. The more people that use the same hashtag, the easier it is to see everything else! Hashtags start with the # symbol, followed by letters and numbers. #frc195 is a hashtag people use to talk about Team 195, and #omgrobots is a hashtag people use to talk about FIRST Robotics generally.