From Somerville, New Jersey, USA
aka Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc./Piccatinny Arsenal/Siemens Smart Infrastructure/Air Liquide/PSEG/Dr. Victor J. Bauer/Central Jersey Trailer and Hitch LLC/Alloy Welding Company, Inc./Gerber Metal Supply Company&Somerville High
Rookie Year: 1998
Home Championship: St. Louis, 2017 | Detroit, 2018+

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Competition List:

Year Event Awards
2019 FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Championship
2019 FMA District Montgomery Event District Engineering Inspiration Award
2019 Greater Pittsburgh Regional
2019 FMA District Bridgewater-Raritan Event
2018 MidKnight Mayhem
2018 FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Championship
2018 MAR District Montgomery Event Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen
2018 MAR District Bridgewater-Raritan Event Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen
2017 Brunswick Eruption
2017 MidKnight Mayhem V
2017 FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Championship sponsored by Johnson & Johnson
2017 MAR District - Montgomery Event
2017 MAR District - Bridgewater-Raritan Event
2017 CHS District - Greater DC Event sponsored by Accenture District Event Winner
2016 MidKnight Mayhem IV
2016 Mid-Atlantic Robotics District Championship
2016 MAR District - Montgomery Event
2016 MAR District - Seneca Event
2015 Galileo Division
2015 MAR District - Bridgewater-Raritan Event Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox
2015 NE District - UMass - Dartmouth Event Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox
2015 MAR District - Hatboro-Horsham Event Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation
2014 Mid-Atlantic Robotics FRC Region Championship
2014 MAR FIRST Robotics Clifton District Competition Gracious Professionalism Award sponsored by Johnson & Johnson
2014 MAR FIRST Robotics Mt. Olive District Competition
2013 Brunswick Eruption
2013 Mount Olive FIRST Robotics District Competition
2013 TCNJ FIRST Robotics District Competition
2012 Mid-Atlantic Robotics FRC Region Championship FIRST Dean's List Finalist Award (Alexandra Sorge)
2012 Mount Olive FIRST Robotics District Competition
2012 Rutgers University FIRST Robotics District Competition
2011 Philadelphia Regional
2011 New Jersey Regional Finalist
2010 Newton Division
2010 Northeast Utilities FIRST Connecticut Regional Winner
2010 New Jersey Regional Sportsmanship-GP
2009 Newton Division
2009 SBPLI Long Island Regional Motorola Quality Award
2009 New Jersey Regional
2008 Monty Madness
2008 Newton Division
2008 SBPLI Long Island Regional Regional Winner
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship Award
2008 New Jersey Regional Judges Award
2007 Newton Division
2007 SBPLI Long Island Regional Regional Engineering Inspiration Award
2007 New Jersey Regional
2006 SBPLI Long Island Regional General Motors Industrial Design Award
2006 New Jersey Regional
2005 New Jersey Regional
2004 Archimedes Division
2004 New Jersey Regional Motorola Quality Award
2003 J&J Mid-Atlantic Regional Regional Winner
2003 Philadelphia Regional
2002 J&J Mid Atlantic Regional
2001 J&J Mid-Atlantic Regional
2000 National Championship Championship Finalist
2000 Johnson & Johnson Mid-Atlantic Regional
1999 National Championship
1999 Johnson & Johnson Mid-Atlantic Regional Regional Finalist
Best Offensive Round
1998 Johnson & Johnson Mid-Atlantic Regional