From Newark, New Jersey, USA
aka Picatinny Arsenal & East Side High School
Rookie Year: 2006
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Competition List:

Year Event Awards
2020 FMA District Montgomery Event
2020 FMA District Bridgewater-Raritan Event
2020 FMA District Hatboro-Horsham Event
2019 Brunswick Eruption
2019 FMA District Montgomery Event
2019 FMA District Bridgewater-Raritan Event Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen
2019 FMA District Westtown Event
2018 Brunswick Eruption
2018 MAR District Hatboro-Horsham Event
2018 MAR District Bridgewater-Raritan Event
2017 MAR District - Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Event
2017 MAR District - Mount Olive Event
2016 Mid-Atlantic Robotics District Championship
2016 MAR District - Bridgewater-Raritan Event
2016 MAR District - Mt. Olive Event
2015 Mid-Atlantic Robotics District Championship
2015 MAR District - Bridgewater-Raritan Event Team Spirit Award sponsored by Chrysler
2015 NE District - UMass - Dartmouth Event
2015 MAR District - Mt. Olive Event
2014 MAR FIRST Robotics Clifton District Competition
2014 MAR FIRST Robotics Mt. Olive District Competition
2013 Bridgewater-Raritan FIRST Robotics District Competition
2013 Mount Olive FIRST Robotics District Competition
2012 Mid-Atlantic Robotics FRC Region Championship
2012 Rutgers University FIRST Robotics District Competition
2012 Hatboro-Horsham FIRST Robotics District Competition Team Spirit Award sponsored by Chrysler
2011 Archimedes Division
2011 New York City Regional
2010 North Carolina Regional Judges Award
2010 New Jersey Regional
2009 Newton Division
2009 New Jersey Regional
2008 Monty Madness
2008 New Jersey Regional
2007 Curie Division
2007 New Jersey Regional
2006 New Jersey Regional Highest Rookie Seed Award