From Pontiac, MI, USA
aka Delphi Corporation/The Chrysler Foundation & Pontiac Central High School
Rookie Year: 1996
Last competed in 2009
Home Championship: St. Louis, 2017 | Detroit, 2018+
Hall of Fame (1997)

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Live Data: At The Control

Competition List:

Year Event Awards
2009 Indiana Robotics Invitational
2009 Galileo Division
2009 Michigan FIRST Robotics Competition State Championship
2009 Troy FIRST Robotics District Competition Judges Award
2009 Traverse City FIRST Robotics District Competition Chrysler Team Spirit Award
2008 Kettering Kickoff
2008 Indiana Robotics Invitational
2008 Newton Division
2008 Great Lakes Regional Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship Award
2008 Detroit Regional Regional Finalist
2007 Indiana Robotics Invitational
2007 Archimedes Division
2007 West Michigan Regional Underwriters Laboratory Industrial Safety Award
Website Award
2007 Detroit Regional Delphi "Driving Tomorrow's Technology" Award
Underwriters Laboratory Industrial Safety Award
2006 Archimedes Division
2006 West Michigan Regional
2006 Detroit Regional
2006 Great Lakes Regional
2005 Einstein Field Team Spirit Award
2005 Galileo Division
2005 West Michigan Regional DaimlerChrysler Team Spirit
2005 Detroit Regional Woodie Flowers Finalist Award (Mike Martus)
2005 Pittsburgh Regional
2004 Curie Division
2004 Silicon Valley Regional Xerox Creativity Award
2004 Detroit Regional Regional Winner
2003 Archimedes Division Division Finalist
2003 West Michigan Regional Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship
2003 Great Lakes Regional
2003 Buckeye Regional
2002 Western Michigan Regional Regional Winner
GM Industrial Design Award
Incredible Play Award
2002 Great Lakes Regional Judges Award - Friday
2002 Buckeye Regional Delphi "Driving Tomorrows Technology Award
2001 Einstein Field Chairman's Award Finalist
2001 Curie Division Division Finalist
2001 Great Lakes Regional Leadership in Controls
2001 New York City Regional Regional Winner
Leadership in Controls
Team Spirit Award
2001 UTC/New England Regional Judges' Award
2000 National Championship Chairman's Award Finalist
2000 Motorola Midwest Regional Regional Winner
2000 Johnson & Johnson Mid-Atlantic Regional #1 Seed
Leadership in Controls
2000 Great Lakes Regional Regional Winner
1999 National Championship
1999 Great Lakes Regional Outstanding Defense
1999 Philadelphia Alliance Regional Quality
1999 Motorola Midwest Regional
1998 National Championship
1998 Great Lakes Regional Regional Winner
1998 New England Regional Regional Winner
#1 Seed
1998 Southwest Regional Regional Winner
#1 Seed
1997 National Championship Chairman's Award Winner
Championship Finalist
1997 Johnson & Johnson Mid-Atlantic Regional #1 Seed
1997 DEKA New England Regional Judges' Award
1997 Motorola Midwest Regional
1996 FIRST National Championship Rookie All-Star
1996 New England Tournament Rookie All-Star