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Tell us about YouTube videos

Tell us about YouTube videos

Use this Google Spreadsheet to submit links to YouTube videos so we can add them to the site. If you have videos, you can upload them to YouTube so we can add them to our match pages!

Help keep our data up to date

Join our Facebook group to help add offseason results, report bad data, give us feedback, and more!

Team information wrong?

If your team's information, such as team name, sponsors, and robot name, is incorrect on The Blue Alliance, please check if it is correct on FIRST's website. We update our records from FIRST's TIMS daily, and are unable to change your team information to anything other than what is listed there.

API access

The new "dotcom" website brings a new API that doesn't require an API key to use. We provide the documentation for the API on our website. Check out our GitHub repository if you'd like to help build it. :D

Everything else

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