2018 Events

ISR District Event #4 2018

Part of the Israel District

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TBD in Haifa, HA 00000, Israel
http://firstisrael.org.il - details on firstinspires.org

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Kfar Galim, HaZafon (Northern), Israel
Raanana, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Modi'in-Maccabim Reu't, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Haifa, Haifa, Israel
Beer Sheva, HaDarom (Southern), Israel
Dimona, HaDarom (Southern), Israel
Shoham, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Emek hefer, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Jatt, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Yeruham, HaDarom (Southern), Israel
Kfar Yona, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Gan Yavne, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Petach Tikvah, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Even-Yehuda, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Ramat Hasharon, Tel-Aviv, Israel
bet-hasmonai, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Hadera, Haifa, Israel
Petach Tikva, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Megiddo Regional Council , HaZafon (Northern), Israel
Netanya, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Holon, Tel-Aviv, Israel
nes ziona, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Dabburiya, HaZafon (Northern), Israel
beer sheva, HaDarom (Southern), Israel
Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Haifa, Haifa, Israel
iksal, HaZafon (Northern), Israel
Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, Israel
tel sheva, HaDarom (Southern), Israel
Kfar hanoar Neurim , HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Haifa, Yerushalayim, Israel
Nazareth, HaZafon (Northern), Israel
kfar manda, HaZafon (Northern), Israel
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