2018 Events

ISR District Event #3 2018

Part of the Israel District

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TBD in Haifa, HA 00000, Israel
http://firstisrael.org.il - details on firstinspires.org

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Kfar Galim, HaZafon (Northern), Israel
Misgav, HaZafon (Northern), Israel
Ashkelon, HaDarom (Southern), Israel
Kibutz E'in Shemer, HaZafon (Northern), Israel
Binyamina, HaZafon (Northern), Israel
Haifa, Haifa, Israel
Lod, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Herzliya, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Kefar Blum, HaZafon (Northern), Israel
Hod-Ha'Sharon, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Maagan Michael, HaZafon (Northern), Israel
Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv, Israel
modiin, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Hakfar Hayarok, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Yehud, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Majd el Kurum, HaZafon (Northern), Israel
Arad, HaDarom (Southern), Israel
Herzelia, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Modiin, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
Dimona, HaDarom (Southern), Israel
Ofakim, HaDarom (Southern), Israel
AKKO, HaZafon (Northern), Israel
Modi'in, Yerushalayim, Israel
tel sheva, HaDarom (Southern), Israel
pardes hana, Haifa, Israel
jerusalem, Yerushalayim, Israel
Nazareth, HaZafon (Northern), Israel
Kadima-Zoran, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
taybe, HaMerkaz (Central), Israel
daliat el carmel , Haifa, Israel
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